Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few questions which gets emailed in so I thought I would document them here with the answers.

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When did Randy Kraft die?

Randy Kraft is currently on death row for killing 16 people.

He currently doesn’t have a date for his execution and some feel he might die of old age before he is killed by the state.

How did Randy Kraft get caught?

Like with many serial killers he was arrested for another crime.

He was pulled over late one night whilst driving under the influence and when the police when to check on his passenger they realised he was dead. 

Where is Randy Kraft being held?

Randy Kraft is currently serving time in San Quentin State Prison.

Has Randy Kraft Ever confessed to his crimes?

Nope, even to this date after all his trials and appeals he maintaince his innocence on both the crimes he has been found guilty of and suspected off.

Even the victim which was found in his car he denies.

Did Randy Kraft act alone?

The evidence suggests there was at least one accomplice in some of the crimes.

Whether that be physical DNA evidence or circumstantial evidence, it is widely believed there was at least one accomplice.

As Randy Kraft has never confessed to any of the crimes, therefore not revealing a partner in crime or has anyone else been charged?

Was there more than one "Freeway Killer"

Yes, in fact, there have been several across the county over the years. 

William Bonin actually killed similar victims to Kraft at the same time in the same area leading to some confusion – which is very rare, two serial killers, killing the same type of victims (Bonin were slightly younger) in the same area at the same time. 

Patrick Kearney was also another “Freeway Killer” he killed his victims in 1977 but unlike Kraft or Bonin he shot his victims.

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